Fabulous Newsletter Issue 16

Fabulous Newsletter
Issue 16

Dear Reader, Hope you had a great summer and could recharge your batteries for colder times. In Budapest and Hungary we had a nice summer with lots of outdoors programmes like music and gastronomical festivals. Besides them, we could just dip into swimming pools or...
Fabulous Newsletter Issue 15

Fabulous Newsletter
Issue 15

Dear Reader Summer has come as everyone has been longing for longer days and more light – also for lemonade and fröccs, at least in Hungary 😉 The Fabulous Budapest team has had quite a busy May – check our photos of our recent tours here. If you would like...
Fabulous Newsletter Issue 14

Fabulous Newsletter
Issue 14

Dear Reader, you’re reading this year’s first newsletter of Fabulous Budapest. Hope the year has started well for you! In the first months of the year we were also busy – besides preparing for the season our renewed website came out! And there have...
Fabulous Newsletter  Issue 2

Fabulous Newsletter
Issue 2

Dear Reader, January passed with snow and cold in Budapest, but now it’s time for the “Farsang” when young and ever-young dress up to scare winter off. There are already plenty of events going on including Fish Festival in a castle in the middle of...
Fabulous Newsletter  Issue 1

Fabulous Newsletter
Issue 1

Dear Reader, welcome on the very first Fabulous Newsletter that we put together based on your recommendations! From month to month we will bring you some intriguing pieces of info on Budapest and more. We trust you will enjoy reading the short columns as much as we...