Synagogues, Passages & “Flódni” Walking Tour

For those interested in history and heritage: a walk in the bustling Jewish quarter

Today the former Jewish quarter has come to life again and has become one of the most vibrating and frequented places in the downtown. Enchanting passages, modern-restored-rundown buildings are side-by-side. Ruin-pubs, cafés and designer shops pop up month after month, there is always something new to discover here! Although the surface has changed, you can still trace scenes of the Jewish life old and new.

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Besides the Europe’s largest functioning synagogue, our favourites are the more tucked away smaller ones. Kazinczy street is not only about parties but is home to the orthodox community with its stunning Art Nouveau synagogue and the surprising Rumbach synagogue which is gorgeous even in its “still-waiting-for-better-days” state. With us you can also find a wall built in a courtyard representing the former ghetto wall with the motto “tell your son”….

And finally, Flodni. It is a Hungarian-Jewish pastry with all the essential ingredients of the Carpathian basin – apple, walnut, poppyseed and prune. Rich indeed! This richness is what we want to convey to you during this Fabulous Budapest tour.

Sights included (examples)

  • two smaller synagogues (the “Great Synagogue” prefers their own guides, but we can help you getting tickets etc)
  • (kosher) confectionery, restaurants
  • Gozsdu passage and former locations of the ghetto wall

It is you who design the tour, we build it up based on your requests and even during the tour we can alter the route, skip or add sights.

Review by one of our happy guests

My wife and I spent a half-day with Zsofi learning about the jewish heritage of Budapest. As travelers who frequently use tour guides, I can say with certainty that Zsofi is one of the most well-spoken, knowledgeable, and pleasant guides that we have worked with. She has clearly invested a good deal of time into researching her tours–we actually found ourselves using Zsofi as the benchmark by which to compare the other guides we used for the remainder of our trip. We also enjoyed simply getting to know her and hear her thoughts on current affairs/daily life in Hungary. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

31/05/2013, Dr. John Selickman

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115-145 EUR/3 hours/ 1-4 person
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