Taste Budapest Walking Tour

With the help of great partners, we offer you to taste the various products of Hungary.

Let it be meat, jam, fruit or vegetables, chocolate or coffee, we can take you to the nicest places in the downtown. We visit markets to sample traditional ingredients as well as bio products. During the tour you can taste soup, the soul of Magyar cuisine, artisan ice-cream and hard candy at a family run business. Chocolate specialities will make your mouth water and great coffee awaits you at historical places. Ideal before and after lunch.

All tastings are included


Tour details

Surely, you have heard of Goulash (we actually spell it Gulyás), paprika and maybe pálinka. They are basics in traditional Hungarian cuisine, of course. We usually start a “proper lunch” with soup, but did you know we also have several vegetable and fruit soups we enjoy in summer? Hungarians do use a considerable amount of paprika but it`s not necessarily hot and you can also get paprika paste sweet or spicy… And besides the strong pálinka spirit “which can virtually be made of any fruit jam is made of” – as a funny saying goes, there are quality wines and artisan beers accompanying a dish.

The latest revolution in Budapest has been a more quiet but more enduring one, the “culinary revolution” of the last 6-8 years. So there is a wide range of products and places you can choose from.

Places included (examples)

  • a Market Hall (the Central hall or smaller market halls)
  • a delicatessen, small shops with local products
  • a historical or a modern cafe

We usually visit 4-5 places depending our your requests, time frame. We can stay longer at a place if you want to look around more. It’s you who can decide what you want to see, taste or try.

It is you who design the tour, we build it up based on your requests and even during the tour we can alter the route, skip or add sights.

Further prices

The fee includes all arrangements, meeting at your accommodation, tailored guiding and ALL TASTINGS.

The fee does not include a day pass or car rental. They are optional, based on your requests.

Prices for private, tailored tours in Budapest:

140-230 EUR/ 5 hours/ 1-4 persons
260-410 EUR/ 5 hours/ 5-10 persons

For more than 10 persons/group or for a 6h tour, ask for a tailored quote.
Call +36 20 400 5790 or e-mail us at info@fabulousbudapest.com.

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